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Racing Terriersphoto © 2008 Garry Knight | more info (via: Wylio)

This weekend I’m getting excited for the Amazing Race.

It’s not the traditional Amazing Race that’s televised worldwide. Although, they did actually come through Hong Kong about a year ago. Instead, this is the Union Church Hong Kong version. Each year, groups of youth group students form small teams and set out on a quest to find various locations and accomplish a wide range of tasks. It’s going to be especially awesome this year because the youth are venturing away from HK Island onto the Dark Side (aka Kowloon). I’m excited to see how the kids do and if they’ll be able to live up to the challenges.

By the way, my wife (Kristin), is amazing as well, and I hope other youth groups are inspired by this. If you’re church doesn’t have one, pester your youth leader into creating one! If they ask where you came up with this idea or why you’re asking them, you can blame it on me. 🙂

One last note, if you want more information or if you possibly want to join Union U’th this weekend, check out the facebook event post: http://on.fb.me/jHxhkA


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Cheesecake and Osakaphoto © 2009 Chris Gladis | more info (via: Wylio)
Many students have significantly dropped off in commenting on blogs. I want to see the conversation get started again on one anothers’ posts in the commentary sections. Therefore, I’m issuing a prize: A slice of Franke Cheesecake. From Thursday afternoon, May 12 until your class on Monday, May 16 or Tuesday, May 17 you have to comment on as many blog posts as possible.

  • You can comment on any blog from our three Bible classes.
  • Your comment should be useful and insightful.
  • Comments such as: “Great post!” or “I like your photo.” or “Spam Spam Spam” Do NOT Count.
  • The top three students in each class will receive a hearty slice of my homemade cheesecake.

stream of consciousnessphoto © 2008 Chicago Art Department | more info (via: Wylio)
There’s no way for me to monitor each and every comment you make.
At the beginning of class we’ll go check the top three students to see if they’re telling the truth.

Get started!
Happy conversation-making!

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If you ever need a good website or magazine to read, I highly recommend Relevant Magazine. It’s full of meaningful stories, discussions of how to shine your light in the world around you, and generally insightful reviews of noteworty books, movies, and music. On top of that, there is a lot of media to explore: videos, internet radio, links, twitter updates, etc.

Image taken from http://www.kamenlee.com/page/104/?s

Read it though. I guarantee you’ll find something to love!


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I’m very excited about the variety of postings I’ve received from most of you. Now that you are all blog-savvy, you’ve been able to bring your own unique style and perspective to your blog site. I hope these sort of posts would continue to the end of the year and the end of Matthew 28.

This is why I’ve decided to simply go ahead and let you read, reflect, apply, and post as you desire! In other words, I’m continuing to allow the extensive freedom posting styles and techniques. Needless to say (but I’m going to say it anyway), there are still some guidelines. Please continue to include the following:

  • Prove to me that you read each chapter in Matthew’s Gospel
  • Prove to me that you understand the content
  • Prove to me that you not only reflected, but applied the lessons learned to your own life

With that stated, you may work ahead on your blog posts. Remember to do a minimum of one post per chapter. Also, you are welcome to post other things on your blog to. Some bonus examples could be (but are not limited to): cool worships songs you heard recently, funny and appropriate images or videos, something you learned from church, and other meaningful life lessons or reflections.

Please comment or see me in person for questions. Enjoy your long weekend!

Matthew 22 DUE: Tuesday, May 03 (PE) and Wednesday, May 04 (SC and EB)

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I found this video on StumbleUpon. Check it out and pass it on.  🙂

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We all know Rebecca Black by now. More likely, we’re all thoroughly annoyed by Rebecca Black!  In the wave of teeny bopper chaos, Community Christian Church created a parody video called “Sunday” by Sadie B. Watch it below and let me know what you think about it in the comments. Also, please answer my poll (survey). Thanks!

Remember, speak your mind in the comments!

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Just wanted to say thanks to all my Bible classes. During the Presereved Egg lesson today my blog topped 6,000 hits!  I know I have a particular “advantage” being the teacher, but it’s still cool seeing that many stats.

Keep writing, commenting, and sharing your site with friends, family, and others. More stats will come for  you too!

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