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I’ve posted a few things about blogging, posts, and comments. Here’s another useful set of guidelines I want you to check out. There are 10 questions to ask yourself before you post. You don’t need to ask yourself all 10 questions every time you post, but they are good guidelines to keep in mind.


The guidelines were taken from Kim Cofino, a technology facilitator at Yokohama International School in Japan.



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Just wanted to say thanks to all my Bible classes. During the Presereved Egg lesson today my blog topped 6,000 hits!  I know I have a particular “advantage” being the teacher, but it’s still cool seeing that many stats.

Keep writing, commenting, and sharing your site with friends, family, and others. More stats will come for  you too!

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In today’s reading, Jesus sends out his closest 12 disciples. They travel around Israel, and their goal is to preach the Good News and spread the love and salvation that Jesus is offering.  Here are your directions:

  • Read Matthew 10
  • List the original 12 disciples in your post
  • Answer this question: If you were a disciple sent out by Jesus, what would you be scared of?
  • Finally, answer the following poll below

DUE: Tuesday, March 15 (SC, EB) and Wednesday, March 16 (PE)

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It’s ironic that I’m posting this immediately after the “Class Unity” post. In fact, maybe that’s why I’m posting it. To all my students, followers, and the general public, Which of my Bible classes is the best? Please vote below!

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Thank you to all the students that submitted photos to portray the unity of the three Bible classes.
I’m showing off the one that most of you seemed to like best.
By the way, If anyone wants to create more photos, please sumbit them to me!

Thank you to Keiyu for creating this

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I love my students!

They are amazing and awesome!

Thanks for making teaching a job that doesn’t always feel like a job.


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