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Cheesecake and Osakaphoto © 2009 Chris Gladis | more info (via: Wylio)
Many students have significantly dropped off in commenting on blogs. I want to see the conversation get started again on one anothers’ posts in the commentary sections. Therefore, I’m issuing a prize: A slice of Franke Cheesecake. From Thursday afternoon, May 12 until your class on Monday, May 16 or Tuesday, May 17 you have to comment on as many blog posts as possible.

  • You can comment on any blog from our three Bible classes.
  • Your comment should be useful and insightful.
  • Comments such as: “Great post!” or “I like your photo.” or “Spam Spam Spam” Do NOT Count.
  • The top three students in each class will receive a hearty slice of my homemade cheesecake.

stream of consciousnessphoto © 2008 Chicago Art Department | more info (via: Wylio)
There’s no way for me to monitor each and every comment you make.
At the beginning of class we’ll go check the top three students to see if they’re telling the truth.

Get started!
Happy conversation-making!


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In class we’re currently watching a sermon given by Francis Chan. He gave this at the 2009 BigStuf conference, which is an annual camp/outreach in Florida. (If you want to know more about the organization, you can visit their Who We Are page, where there’s a mission statement, list of beliefs, etc.)

Anyway, Francis Chan puts forth some big ideas to get us to think about the poor and how we can help them. Much of his sermon is based on visits he made to Uganda and the other ways he’s seen poverty firsthand. One of the points he makes is about how lavishly we’ve been blessed. To emphasize this point, he wants us to go home and actually count how many shirts we have. Take a timeout from reading and go count!

(Go to your room and count your shirts – your t-shirts, dress shirts, school shirts, winter shirts, and any other top)

Okay. Welcome back.

So how many?

Here’s the kicker: At the time of Francis Chan’s first visit to Uganda, the ministry organization’s four-year plan was to get every kid a total of two t-shirts. TWO!! That’s how poor they are. It’s going to take four years to get every kid two t-shirts. Doesn’t this shock you? Break your heart? Spur you into some sort of action?

How many shirts do you actually need? What might you do? Let me know the answers to these questions in the comments.

HW: For those that haven’t counted already. Here’s when you need to do this by: Monday, May 16th (PE) and Tuesday, May 17th (SC and EB)

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Osama bin Ladenphoto © 2007 MIke Kline | more info (via: Wylio)
After 10 years of searching for the mastermind behind the al Qaeda September 11, 2001 attacks, the US military has found, shot, killed, and disposed of Osama Bin Laden.

Many people know about Osama, al Qaeda, and the September 11th attacks. However, many of you might be fuzzy on some of the details. Thanks to one of my favorite friends, Wikipedia, as well as a number of other news sources, I want you to read, recall, and understand the many events from the past decade (and beyond). Please click on the following links and watch the videos or read the articles*:

Osama Bin Laden Deadphoto © 2009 Surian Soosay | more info (via: Wylio)
The Shorter Version

A 10 minute video from CNN’s Student News. This video provides a broad overview of who Osama Bin Laden was, what he did, and the meaning of his death.  At minimum, please watch the video.

The Longer, In-Depth Version

If watching the CNN video was not enough for you, I’ve provided a number of links to help you further understand what all the fuss is about. The are not mandatory to click, but I highly recommend you do.

  1. The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001
  2. The mastermind, Osama Bin Laden
  3. Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist network, al Qaeda
  4. Article of Bin Laden’s death from the Huffington Post
  5. Obama and the White House, a video to watch
  6. Want to know some numbers on the cost to kill Bin Laden? Here’s another blog that can give you a rough estimate: Man Vs. Debt
  7. Also, our own ICS teachers are getting involved on the discussion. Check out some brief thoughts from Mr. Hogshead on his blog: The Curious Task

Now What? Further Directions

Hope - Obama (Shepard Fairey poster)photo © 2008 Steve Rhodes | more info (via: Wylio)
After you’ve read, skimmed, and/or perused these links and videos, please write a reflection post based on this historic incident and the recent closure that many Americans have found. I’m not looking for any sort of “right” answer, but rather your thoughts on this incident, whether good, bad, or a mix of the two. You might also want to answer a question such as: How might Jesus want me to respond to this? If you’re struggling how to respond as a Christian, you might want to check out this article: The Christian Response to Bin Laden’s Death.

*By the way, you are also welcome to view any other news, articles, or links related to Osama Bin Laden’s death! I’ve only provided an overview so that our class will have a common foundation.

DUE: Thursday, May 05 (PE) and Friday, May 06 (SC and EB)

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We all know Rebecca Black by now. More likely, we’re all thoroughly annoyed by Rebecca Black!  In the wave of teeny bopper chaos, Community Christian Church created a parody video called “Sunday” by Sadie B. Watch it below and let me know what you think about it in the comments. Also, please answer my poll (survey). Thanks!

Remember, speak your mind in the comments!

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Good day to you Bible classes!

You’re assignment is simple and straightforward. Here are the steps:

  • Read Matthew 6
  • Create a poll based on Matthew 6
  • Explain why you created the poll you did (above, below, to the side)
  • Go vote on your classmates polls
  • Then comment on other students’ blogs

DUE: next class!

BONUS: if you want, you can register on Poll Daddy where there are more options 🙂

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It’s ironic that I’m posting this immediately after the “Class Unity” post. In fact, maybe that’s why I’m posting it. To all my students, followers, and the general public, Which of my Bible classes is the best? Please vote below!

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Hey Bible classes!

  • Read Matthew 5
  • Post a reflection on your blog
  • Use the comment help suggestions (from my previous post) as a template to comment on your classmates’ blogs

DUE: next class

Just for fun, I’m posting a 0:21 video for you to watch!

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