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Hey students!

Pass on the word about the alternative dress day (often referred to as free dress day) to raise money for Japan. The suggested minimum donation is $5, but you are welcome to give more. If you haven’t given money to Japan yet, please consider this your chance to start helping. If you have already given money, please consider increasing your donation. Earthquakes and destruction continue to leave parts of the country in need of outside help and care.

Thursday, April 21st, 2011 – $5 minimum

Alternative Dress for Japan


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I’ve posted a few things about blogging, posts, and comments. Here’s another useful set of guidelines I want you to check out. There are 10 questions to ask yourself before you post. You don’t need to ask yourself all 10 questions every time you post, but they are good guidelines to keep in mind.


The guidelines were taken from Kim Cofino, a technology facilitator at Yokohama International School in Japan.


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Hey Preserved Eggs!

You get an extra class in the lab, so you also get a special assignment.  Congrats!
Today I want you to keep researching the crisis in Japan. Here’s the site we used yesterday:┬áhttp://nyti.ms/dYAAeQ (New York Times Online)
Learn the stories of survivors and find out how people are responding to meet one another’s needs (such as donating money, food, water, blankets, time, prayers, etc.)

After you’ve had a chance to learn even more, I want you to finish the following statement: “After learning much about the disaster in Japan, I think God would want me to respond by…”

You may write even more and add your own thoughts, photos, and video links too. Just be sure to finish the above statement with a minimum of one, solid paragraph.

Love you all!

Mr. F

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