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Here’s something different for your next post on Matthew 18. You’re going to do an “experiment” that involves you doing some legwork before you can actually start writing on your blog. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Read Matthew 18
  2. (BONUS: For fun, I highly recommend you check out this site about sheep facts)
  3. Find one verse, part, lesson, etc. that you either learned, thought was helpful, or was really cool/enjoyable
  4. Tell someone (NOT IN 8th GRADE) what you learned, thought was helpful, or really enjoyed
  5. Remember their reaction or the conversation you had
  6. Then write about this converstation you had

When you write your post, please include:

  • The verse, passage, or particular thing you were drawn to in Matthew 18
  • The first name (last optional) of the person you spoke to. (you can also speak to your family)
  • How the conversation went and the reaction of the person you spoke to
  • Any other thoughts you have on the “experiment”

Questions? Please see me sooner than later.

DUE: Monday, April 18th (PE) and Tuesday, April 19th (SC and EB)


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Hey Matthew Bloggers,

Be sure to read Chapter 12 of Levi’s gospel and reflect on it.
I also want to encourage each of you to try and use Wylio.com and the Teaching Sagittarian blog (as noted in my previous post) to post a free photo and give it proper attribution. The photo can be anything you think is related to Matthew 12.

Cheers and much love!

DUE: Wednesday, March 30 (PE) and Thursday, March 31 (SC and EB)

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