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Dearest classes,

Here are your directions for the Matthew 16 Post.

  • Read Matthew 16
  • If necessary, use a commentary (or study Bible) to help you along the way
  • Post these questions to your blog: What do you find most confusing about Matthew 16? Why?
  • Then answer the questions using at least one complete paragraph with proper spelling, grammar, etc.

DUE: Tuesday, April 12 (PE) and Wednesday, April 13 (SC and EB)

Textbooksphoto © 2011 Scott Barkley | more info (via: Wylio)


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Well, there may not actually be 13 different options.  However, you have at least 3 options, and since there’s a 3 in 13, it must be close enough. 🙂

As always, please read ALL of Matthew 13 before you start reflecting and posting. Once you’ve done that, here are your 3 options for this reflection post:

  1. Normal writing reflection for those of you that enjoy tradition
  2. VLog (Video Log). Record you thoughts using a video camera (hand held or web cam) and then post it on your blog. For some how to videos, check out these links: http://bit.ly/gi1CtN and http://bit.ly/i5w981. The first video link is cool, but not as helpful. The second video is a little annoying, but full of useful details.
  3. Create an image (handwritten or digital) and then include a reflective description of how it relates to Matthew 13

Happy creating!

DUE: Friday, April 01 (PE) and Monday, April 04 (SC and EB)

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