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For all the former 8th grade students that are still following this blog, I want to wish you a happy new school year! I miss all of you, and in some ways, I wish that I could still be at ICS. However, I thought you should know that my new job at Island ECC is going quite well! The ministry is great, and I hope to see some of you at youth group. Remember, you’re all invited to both the Friday night small groups and the Sunday morning youth services. Info found here.

A couple of reminders:

  • There’s a bus that takes you directly to Island Church from City One. It’s the 682.
  • The first Resound of the school year is on Friday, September 23rd. Location is TBD.
Peace and joy!

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Greetings Bible classes!

We’re taking a break from new types of posts. Today is somewhat of a normal, reflective day. Here are your directions: Black mustard seeds, biji sawiphoto © 2007 zoyachubby | more info (via: Wylio)

  • Read Matthew 17
  • Need help understanding the transfiguration? Click here
  • Want to more about mustard seeds? Commentary here and wiki commentary here
  • Think about something that stands out to you
  • Write any type of reflective post that we’ve done in the past (normal paragraph, photo reflection, vlog, survey/poll, drawing, comic, and anything else that shows me you’ve reflected on the passage).  The only past thing you cannot do is an acrostic.
  • Post it to your blog!

DUE: Thursday, April 14 (PE) and Friday, April 15 (SC and EB)

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Dearest classes,

Here are your directions for the Matthew 16 Post.

  • Read Matthew 16
  • If necessary, use a commentary (or study Bible) to help you along the way
  • Post these questions to your blog: What do you find most confusing about Matthew 16? Why?
  • Then answer the questions using at least one complete paragraph with proper spelling, grammar, etc.

DUE: Tuesday, April 12 (PE) and Wednesday, April 13 (SC and EB)

Textbooksphoto © 2011 Scott Barkley | more info (via: Wylio)

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