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First and foremost, READ Matthew 8!!!

Goals today:

  • Use Flickr Creative Commons to search for photos related to Matthew 8
  • Search suggestions: Leprosy, Faith, Centurian, Soldier, Rome, Paralyzed,┬áHealing, Fever, Mother, Foxes, Birds, Jesus, Nature, Storm, Lake, Boat, Chaos, Demon, Pigs. (HINT: try broad terms with one word)
  • Create a header that reflects Matthew 8
  • You may use any site for creating headers, Picnik is only one suggestion
  • Post the header on your blog – either as a photo OR your actual header
  • Explain the photos and meaning of your header in words
  • Finally, check out your classmates’ headers and comment on them ­čÖé

DUE: Wednesday, March 09 (SC, EB) and Thursday, March 10 (PE)


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