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Welcome back from your Ching Ming FestivalWhat did you do yesterday? Please share in the comments!


  1. Read Matthew 15
  2. Use the information in Chapter 15 to either create an ACROSTIC or an ANALOGY
  3. The acrostic or analogy should be related to Matthew 15. You only need to do it on one of the stories (not the whole chapter). Please be thoughtful and make it at least as mature as an average 8th grader’s level of mentality! 🙂
  4. Post it to your site
  5. Comment on other acronyms and analogies


DUE: Friday, April 08 (PE) and Monday, April 11 (SC and EB)

BONUS for those that want to watch (again)!!!


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Well, there may not actually be 13 different options.  However, you have at least 3 options, and since there’s a 3 in 13, it must be close enough. 🙂

As always, please read ALL of Matthew 13 before you start reflecting and posting. Once you’ve done that, here are your 3 options for this reflection post:

  1. Normal writing reflection for those of you that enjoy tradition
  2. VLog (Video Log). Record you thoughts using a video camera (hand held or web cam) and then post it on your blog. For some how to videos, check out these links: http://bit.ly/gi1CtN and http://bit.ly/i5w981. The first video link is cool, but not as helpful. The second video is a little annoying, but full of useful details.
  3. Create an image (handwritten or digital) and then include a reflective description of how it relates to Matthew 13

Happy creating!

DUE: Friday, April 01 (PE) and Monday, April 04 (SC and EB)

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Today we read and briefly discussed the story of the prodigal son from Luke 15. It’s a beautiful, complex, and powerful parable from Jesus. To continue the conversation, I want you (my Bible students) to comment on this post.  Please respond to the following statements/questions:

  • Which of the two sons was “WORSE” and why?
  • Imagine the party the dad organized. What do you think was going through the younger son’s mind? or the older son?

Feel free to comment more than once!
Cheers and happy Friday!

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