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Happy Heartphoto © 2009 Deb | more info (via: Wylio)
Bonjour my bodacious and beloved Bible believing beings!

You’ve done it!
You’ve read Matthew.
You’ve reflected on his gospel.
You’re written at least 28 posts.
Well done. Well done indeed.

There’s another assignment in store for you before we depart for the summer. I want you to do a reflection post about your reflections. In other words, please blog about your blogging. Think about your experiences over this past semester, and then draw some conclusions. If you need a start, here are some questions you might want to ask yourself:

  • What did you like or dislike while making and maintaining a blog?
  • What did you learn while reading, reflecting, and writing?
  • Did you give this your full effort? Why or why not?
  • How were your comments? How were your peers’ comments?
  • What were some of your favorite experiences while journaling?
  • How did you struggle? What were some challenges you faced?

Before you start typing, please answer my survey so I can gain and use your feedback. Thanks!

One final thing. If you have some advice (about the blogs) for me or the teacher taking over 8th grade, please leave your advice in the comments below. If you think it’s too private, you can send me an email or fb message or speak with me in person. Thanks again! I love each of you!


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Hey Preserved Eggs!

You get an extra class in the lab, so you also get a special assignment.  Congrats!
Today I want you to keep researching the crisis in Japan. Here’s the site we used yesterday: http://nyti.ms/dYAAeQ (New York Times Online)
Learn the stories of survivors and find out how people are responding to meet one another’s needs (such as donating money, food, water, blankets, time, prayers, etc.)

After you’ve had a chance to learn even more, I want you to finish the following statement: “After learning much about the disaster in Japan, I think God would want me to respond by…”

You may write even more and add your own thoughts, photos, and video links too. Just be sure to finish the above statement with a minimum of one, solid paragraph.

Love you all!

Mr. F

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Thank you to all the students that submitted photos to portray the unity of the three Bible classes.
I’m showing off the one that most of you seemed to like best.
By the way, If anyone wants to create more photos, please sumbit them to me!

Thank you to Keiyu for creating this

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I love my students!

They are amazing and awesome!

Thanks for making teaching a job that doesn’t always feel like a job.


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Today we read and briefly discussed the story of the prodigal son from Luke 15. It’s a beautiful, complex, and powerful parable from Jesus. To continue the conversation, I want you (my Bible students) to comment on this post.  Please respond to the following statements/questions:

  • Which of the two sons was “WORSE” and why?
  • Imagine the party the dad organized. What do you think was going through the younger son’s mind? or the older son?

Feel free to comment more than once!
Cheers and happy Friday!

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