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I’m very excited about the variety of postings I’ve received from most of you. Now that you are all blog-savvy, you’ve been able to bring your own unique style and perspective to your blog site. I hope these sort of posts would continue to the end of the year and the end of Matthew 28.

This is why I’ve decided to simply go ahead and let you read, reflect, apply, and post as you desire! In other words, I’m continuing to allow the extensive freedom posting styles and techniques. Needless to say (but I’m going to say it anyway), there are still some guidelines. Please continue to include the following:

  • Prove to me that you read each chapter in Matthew’s Gospel
  • Prove to me that you understand the content
  • Prove to me that you not only reflected, but applied the lessons learned to your own life

With that stated, you may work ahead on your blog posts. Remember to do a minimum of one post per chapter. Also, you are welcome to post other things on your blog to. Some bonus examples could be (but are not limited to): cool worships songs you heard recently, funny and appropriate images or videos, something you learned from church, and other meaningful life lessons or reflections.

Please comment or see me in person for questions. Enjoy your long weekend!

Matthew 22 DUE: Tuesday, May 03 (PE) and Wednesday, May 04 (SC and EB)


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Mini Treephoto © 2010 Matt Clark | more info (via: Wylio)
Bonjour, Hola, Ni Hao, and Hello Bible Classes! Welcome back, from your Easter holiday. I hope you were able to rest, have some fun, and remember the power of Jesus’ death and resurrection. “Alleluia! He is risen!”

Based on your feedback, we’re going to continue with the extensive freedom in your posts. In other words, read Matthew 21, and then do any kind of reflective post that proves to me you read the passage AND applied it to your life.

There’s one EXTRA thing I want you to write about though. You can even title it “Mr. Franke’s Special Request.” At the end of your post, please write about the fig tree found in verses 18-22. It’s a confusing passage, and even if you read some commentary you might be confused.  Try to make some sense of it and write about what you think it means. Do the best you can!

DUE: Thursday, April 28 (PE) and Friday, April 29 (SC and EB)

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broken glass 2photo © 2007 Jussi | more info (via: Wylio)
For our next two chapters in Matthew’s Gospel, you simply need to prove to me you actually read and reflected on the chapters, teachings, and events.

In other words, you can do any type of post as long as it conveys in-depth thought and application of the Bible to your life.

Happy reading, reflecting, and typing!

Chapter 19 DUE Dates: Wednesday, April 20 (PE) and Thursday, April 21 (SC, EB)
Chapter 20 DUE Dates: Tuesday, April 26 (PE) and Wednesday, April 27 (SC, EB) its raining at the broken bridge...photo © 2010 Vinoth Chandar | more info (via: Wylio)

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Here’s something different for your next post on Matthew 18. You’re going to do an “experiment” that involves you doing some legwork before you can actually start writing on your blog. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Read Matthew 18
  2. (BONUS: For fun, I highly recommend you check out this site about sheep facts)
  3. Find one verse, part, lesson, etc. that you either learned, thought was helpful, or was really cool/enjoyable
  4. Tell someone (NOT IN 8th GRADE) what you learned, thought was helpful, or really enjoyed
  5. Remember their reaction or the conversation you had
  6. Then write about this converstation you had

When you write your post, please include:

  • The verse, passage, or particular thing you were drawn to in Matthew 18
  • The first name (last optional) of the person you spoke to. (you can also speak to your family)
  • How the conversation went and the reaction of the person you spoke to
  • Any other thoughts you have on the “experiment”

Questions? Please see me sooner than later.

DUE: Monday, April 18th (PE) and Tuesday, April 19th (SC and EB)

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Dearest classes,

Here are your directions for the Matthew 16 Post.

  • Read Matthew 16
  • If necessary, use a commentary (or study Bible) to help you along the way
  • Post these questions to your blog: What do you find most confusing about Matthew 16? Why?
  • Then answer the questions using at least one complete paragraph with proper spelling, grammar, etc.

DUE: Tuesday, April 12 (PE) and Wednesday, April 13 (SC and EB)

Textbooksphoto © 2011 Scott Barkley | more info (via: Wylio)

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John the Baptist is beheaded, Jesus feeds 5,000, and Jesus walks on water.

These are the stories found in Matthew 14. Here are your directions for this post:

  • Read Matthew 14
  • Pick one story
  • What sort of emotion is evoked in you? (How does it make you feel?)
  • Find an image that captures how you feel.
  • Post it to your blog.
  • Tell your readers why you picked the photo, and describe your emotions.
  • Remember to cite your photo.

You’re not done yet! Be sure to answer the poll in the previous post regarding Jesus asking Peter to walk on water too.

DUE: Wednesday, April 06 (PE) and Thursday, April 07 (SC and EB)

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In Matthew 14, Jesus walks on water, and the disciples think He’s a ghost. Jesus tries to assure them He is actually the fleshy Jesus. Testing Him, Peter has this fantastic idea and suggests that he walk on water too.

I’m not sure that’s what I would have suggested. Rather, I would’ve said something like, “Scoop up some water, pour it over your head, and let me set if it goes right through you!” But Peter being Peter just spurts out the first thing that pops into his mind.

Now, imagine you’re Peter. Jesus asks you to, “Come.” Now answer the poll below.

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