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Hey Matthew Bloggers,

Be sure to read Chapter 12 of Levi’s gospel and reflect on it.
I also want to encourage each of you to try and use Wylio.com and the Teaching Sagittarian blog (as noted in my previous post) to post a free photo and give it proper attribution. The photo can be anything you think is related to Matthew 12.

Cheers and much love!

DUE: Wednesday, March 30 (PE) and Thursday, March 31 (SC and EB)


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Hello again Bible bloggers!

Remember how long it takes to find a creative commons photo & give credit to a photo on your blogs?
Do you want to find a photo and give credit in only 4 steps?
Go to Wylio.com and follow the easy steps outlined from the Teaching Sagittarian Blog.

NOTE: you’ll need to switch to the HTML tab in WordPress (the upper right of a new post).

Be legal and be free of guilt!
Happy blogging!

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I’ve posted a few things about blogging, posts, and comments. Here’s another useful set of guidelines I want you to check out. There are 10 questions to ask yourself before you post. You don’t need to ask yourself all 10 questions every time you post, but they are good guidelines to keep in mind.


The guidelines were taken from Kim Cofino, a technology facilitator at Yokohama International School in Japan.


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I was inspired by another teacher, and I want to encourage all of you to make your own custom header (photo) for your blog. Your header is one of the main things that defines your page and tells others the kind of person you are. Also, by creating a custom header, you avoid any copyright issues.

First, where’s your header?
Go to: Dashboard > Appearance > Header >Upload

Second, what should you upload?
Anything! You should either use your own photos or use a creative commons site such as Flickr.

How can I better customize?
Try using a quick, free, and easy site such as Picnik to arrange a collage of photos (I recommend the set of 2 or 3 arranged horizontally). One thing to keep in mind is the size of your collage. The header for my theme is 760 x 190 pixels. You can also use Adobe Photoshop CS5, which is on all of the ICS computers.

We’ll go over these specifics the next time we’re in the lab.

Happy creating!

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Are you struggling to write good comments on people’s blogs?

If so, I have help (from 2 links)!

  1. Another wordpress blog that’s very thorough (and a poll): Comment Etiquette
  2. A teacher’s blog (in Indonesia) that has some fantastic & practical suggestions: Mrs. Raisdana’s Blog

snagged from Mrs. Raisdana's blog

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Hey class!

Here’s how I want you to post:

  • You DO NOT have to include: characters, settings, or the 3 important events from your previous notebooks
  • You DO need to include the following:┬á at least 1 paragraph with a┬ápersonalized and reflective application
  • In other words, you need to: 1. Reflect, 2. Apply to your life, 3. Use a SPECIFIC example
  • DO NOT give me the “Sunday School” answer (“I need to have more faith” or “I should follow Jesus”)
  • DO write in such a way that people are interested and want to read your blog

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