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Racing Terriersphoto © 2008 Garry Knight | more info (via: Wylio)

This weekend I’m getting excited for the Amazing Race.

It’s not the traditional Amazing Race that’s televised worldwide. Although, they did actually come through Hong Kong about a year ago. Instead, this is the Union Church Hong Kong version. Each year, groups of youth group students form small teams and set out on a quest to find various locations and accomplish a wide range of tasks. It’s going to be especially awesome this year because the youth are venturing away from HK Island onto the Dark Side (aka Kowloon). I’m excited to see how the kids do and if they’ll be able to live up to the challenges.

By the way, my wife (Kristin), is amazing as well, and I hope other youth groups are inspired by this. If you’re church doesn’t have one, pester your youth leader into creating one! If they ask where you came up with this idea or why you’re asking them, you can blame it on me. 🙂

One last note, if you want more information or if you possibly want to join Union U’th this weekend, check out the facebook event post: http://on.fb.me/jHxhkA


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