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In today’s reading, Jesus sends out his closest 12 disciples. They travel around Israel, and their goal is to preach the Good News and spread the love and salvation that Jesus is offering.  Here are your directions:

  • Read Matthew 10
  • List the original 12 disciples in your post
  • Answer this question: If you were a disciple sent out by Jesus, what would you be scared of?
  • Finally, answer the following poll below

DUE: Tuesday, March 15 (SC, EB) and Wednesday, March 16 (PE)


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Today we read and briefly discussed the story of the prodigal son from Luke 15. It’s a beautiful, complex, and powerful parable from Jesus. To continue the conversation, I want you (my Bible students) to comment on this post.  Please respond to the following statements/questions:

  • Which of the two sons was “WORSE” and why?
  • Imagine the party the dad organized. What do you think was going through the younger son’s mind? or the older son?

Feel free to comment more than once!
Cheers and happy Friday!

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