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In class we’re currently watching a sermon given by Francis Chan. He gave this at the 2009 BigStuf conference, which is an annual camp/outreach in Florida. (If you want to know more about the organization, you can visit their Who We Are page, where there’s a mission statement, list of beliefs, etc.)

Anyway, Francis Chan puts forth some big ideas to get us to think about the poor and how we can help them. Much of his sermon is based on visits he made to Uganda and the other ways he’s seen poverty firsthand. One of the points he makes is about how lavishly we’ve been blessed. To emphasize this point, he wants us to go home and actually count how many shirts we have. Take a timeout from reading and go count!

(Go to your room and count your shirts – your t-shirts, dress shirts, school shirts, winter shirts, and any other top)

Okay. Welcome back.

So how many?

Here’s the kicker: At the time of Francis Chan’s first visit to Uganda, the ministry organization’s four-year plan was to get every kid a total of two t-shirts. TWO!! That’s how poor they are. It’s going to take four years to get every kid two t-shirts. Doesn’t this shock you? Break your heart? Spur you into some sort of action?

How many shirts do you actually need? What might you do? Let me know the answers to these questions in the comments.

HW: For those that haven’t counted already. Here’s when you need to do this by: Monday, May 16th (PE) and Tuesday, May 17th (SC and EB)


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